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Catering Menu

Breakfast Catering Menu

10 People Minimum
Price is per person

Full Continental Breakfast$8.50

Assortment of Danish Muffins, Bagels, Yogurt, Fresh Fruit, Coffee, and Orange Juice

Danish and Muffin Tray$2.95

An Assortment of Muffins and Danishes on a Tray

Assorted Bagel Tray$2.50

Assorted Bagels, Cream cheese, Butter, and Jelly

Fresh Fruit (in season)$2.95

Assorted Fruits Cut Fresh to Order

Greek Yogurt$3.95

Blueberries, Strawberries, Granola and Honey Cup

Breakfast Sandwich Tray$4.25

Choice of Bacon, Ham, or Sausage with Egg and Cheese on Biscuits and Bagels

Full Breakfast$8.50

Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Home Fries, Bagel and Biscuits

Gallon Fresh Orange Juice$13.95

Serves 10-15

Box Coffee$13.95

Serves 10, Incl. Cream & Sugar

Smoked Fish Trays Available

Ask For Details

Lunch Catering Menu

10 people Minimum
Prices per person
Assorted deli sandwiches, Potato Salad, Pickles Chips, Cookie Tray 8.50 per person
Ask about 3 or 5ft Subs

Soup and Salad

Choice of Chicken Noodle, Beef Chili, Broccoli Cheddar, Brunswick Stew plus a Greek Salad or Chicken breast over a Salad. Includes cookie for dessert.
11.50 per person

Sandwich Platter Buffet$8.50

Assorted Deli Sandwiches, Potato Salad, Pickles, Chips, Cookie Tray

Deli Buffet$8.50

Choice of Three Meats, Two Cheeses and Assorted Bread. Potato Salad or Cole Slaw, Chips, Lettuce, Tomato & Pickle Tray

Salad Platter Buffet$7.95

Your Choice of any three Salads: Tuna, Chicken, Egg, Shrimp. Served with Potato Salad, Pickle, Chips and assorted Breads
(Minimum 10 people)

Grilled Sandwich Buffet$9.95

Your choice "NY Style Sandwich", including Reubens, Sailors, Pastrami & Swiss, Reuben, Grilled Turkey & Cheddar, Potato Salad, Pickle, Chips

Cookie Tray- $1.50 Per Person (two cookies per person)
Dessert Tray - $3.95 Per Person


Serves 5-10
Boychik's Tossed Salad $19.95
Boychik's Greek Salad $27.95
Chicken over Salad or Chef Salad $29.95

Baked Potato Bar$8.95

Includes: Chili, Cheese, Sour Cream, Butter, Chives, Bacon, served with Greek or Tossed Salad & Cookies

Boychik's Famous Box Lunch To Go$8.25

Any Regular Sandwich, Potato Salad, Pickle, Cookie
(10 or more - $7.95 each)
Gluten Free Options Available